Two bites of the cherry

We believe we are much more than just a commercial real estate business.

The underlying focus of the RO is always driven by a fundamental trading philosophy, and our corporate adage of being ‘In business to do business’ lies at the heart of everything we do. We have a deep understanding and awareness of the interests of all our business relationships be they tenants, advisers, institutions, suppliers or contractors. This can be instructive in developing better insights, becoming aware of potential problems at an early stage and finding opportunities that would not otherwise have come our way.

We take a long term view of property ownership and frequently review assets in our portfolio for potential alternative use to see if a ‘second bite of the cherry’ might be available.

Proactive Asset Management

Our portfolio extends not only to office buildings but also to retail, industrial and long-term land development opportunities. Our specialist Asset Management and Investment team have extensive knowledge of the property market and the flexibility to deliver the best fit strategic goals and objectives for individual property assets. With a wide network of well-established contacts, we are able to source first rate opportunities to enhance space and increase income. Visit the portfolio page to discover some of our current schemes.