Wellbeing in the workplace

Taking occupant health to the next level.

Fitwel building certification is a set of guidelines on how the design and operations of a building can improve occupant health and productivity.  All Fitwel strategies are evidence-based practical solutions that impact occupant’s daily routines to promote physical, mental and social health.

Fitwel certified developments





One Suffolk Way



Waterside Place



One Dorset Street


Fitwel strategies

Proven to increase the health and wellbeing of building occupants the strategies can be grouped into the following 11 categories:


Walkable locations and proximity to public transport.


At least one, made visible as alternative to lifts, promote stairwell use, signage at lift entrance.


Incentivise healthy eating options, access to free water.

Shared Spaces

Handwashing signs, break-out area, regular cleaning with low-toxin cleaning products.

Emergency Procedures

Maintain database of building emergency equipment and supplies, install automated defibrillator, ensure one certified first aid per 100 occupants, emergency address notification system.

Indoor environment

Tobacco free, asbestos free, indoor air quality policy, green purchasing policy, separate ventilation where chemicals are stored.

Water supply

Drinking water supply and water bottle refilling.

Building access

Direct access from public transport, secure and covered cycle storage, showers with lockers, carpooling.


Natural daylight, active workstations.

Entrances and ground floor

Permanent signage (tobacco free), additional entrance, main entrance orientated to main pedestrian route, enhanced lighting, public access use on ground floor, permanent activity display, and maintained entrance way.

Outdoor spaces

Outdoor amenity, lighting for paths and car park, tobacco free site.

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