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RO and Langley Hall in perfect harmony

The RO Group is delighted to announce that Langley Hall Primary Academy Trust, a Free School founded in Langley, Berkshire in 2011, has taken space at the Group's Waterside Court, located at Waterside Drive, Langley. The school has entered into a six year lease and will use the property for music lessons; specifically to provide keyboard lessons with headphones, music theory lessons, and ordinary classroom teaching.

The Academy's focus is to prepare children for life, through teachers who make learning imaginative, creative and inspiring children to learn. As well as the usual focus on numeracy and literacy, the school places a strong focus on art, drama, music, dance and sport, offering every child the opportunity to find their talents and shine.

Experts agree that music is not only great fun but that it is also excellent for children's learning and development. Langley Hall Primary Academy Trust gives all children lots of opportunities to sing, play musical instruments and perform individually or in groups in assemblies, concerts and shows.

David Kershaw, Group Real Estate Director, the RO said:

"We are extremely proud to house some of Langley Hall Primary Academy's music school at our Waterside Court property in Langley. The Academy plays an important role in the social, academic, and cultural life of the area, and we are delighted to provide space for young minds to learn and flourish. We wish the music teachers and students every success and happiness in their new facility."

The RO was advised by Vail Williams and Osborne Clarke. Langley Hall Primary Academy Trust was advised by Aston Bond.



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